For all custom orders please call 956-423-1885
For all custom orders please call 956-423-1885
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The Gun Mattress

Secure this one of a kind mattress to the hood or roof of any vehicle for quick and easy access to your rifles and shotguns. Your guns are hugged in the grooves of the Gun Mattress and can be sheltered in a snap with the protective cover flap - the flap is able to be completely closed and securely snapped shut in the case of rainy, dusty, or muddy conditions.

Designed to keep your guns at arms reach, without sacrificing protection, the 4.5 inches of dense padding provides superior protection for your firearms, whether on the trail or out in the field.

Whether you own a truck, Jeep, Side-by-Side ATV, or a custom hunting rig - the gun mattress is designed to fit on the hood, roof, or in the bed of nearly any vehicle you may own.

Embroidery options available. Please contact our office for further inquiry & pricing. 

Ships in 7-14 business days. Delivery is an estimate based on manufacturing time.